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3 July 2021

Walking. Germantown.
The Battle Cry of Freedom – Jacqueline Schwab
Who Knows Where the Wind Blows – Tommy Sand
Paddy’s Lamentation – Mary Black
Gettysburg – Tmark Band
Kathleen Mavourneen – John McCormack
Gettysburg – John Bell
The Round Tops – Jeff Stike
Gettysburg – Kyle Thompson
Gettysburg – Civil War
Gettysburg The Third Day – Sunderman Conservatory Wind Symphony & Russell McCutcheon
Kingdom Coming – Matt Glaser, Evan Stover, Jay Ungar, Art Baron & Molly Mason
Give Us a Flag – Richie Havens
We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder – Bernice Johnson Reagon
Battle Hymn of the Republic – The Abyssinian Baptist Church Sanctuary Choir
Ashokan Farewell – Jay Ungar & Molly Mason

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Ghosts of Gettysburg

Through early morning mists they march
across the fields of green,
fields red-stained by their life blood
when they were young.
No long range kills,
no smart bombs then;
just frightened, courageous
too-young men
for cause
engaged each other
face to face
hand to hand,
performing acts of
unspeakable horror,
incredible valor,
absolute futility
until the arms of Mars
did embrace and claim them.

23 August 2002
The Shire, Louisville


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