14 November 2021

Stretching. NK Body Philosophy. North East. Essie’s ordination.
Bisbee Blues – Calexico
The Endless Enigma, Part 2 – Emerson, Lake & Palmer
You and Me – Tom Chapin
Alla Va al Geberal – Luis Enrique Meija Godoy
The Wrong Company – Flogging Molly
Slow – Kahi
Wonderful – Wicked
Flying High – Karla Boboff
Whack Fol the Diddle – The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem
Song of the Evening Star – R. Carlos Nakai
Friend of the Devil – Grateful Dead
Give Yourself to Jesus – Aretha Franklin
Grand Central Station – Mary Chapin Carpenter
Oro My Johnny – The Sands Family
Because You Love Me – Carter Anderson
Wading Through – Terence Blanchard
The First Attack – Les Miserables


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