26 December 2019

Treadmill. Walking, some jogging (slow). Stretching. Blink.
Many and Great – Jon Sarta
Peyote Healing – Verdell Primeaux, Johnnie Mike, & Robbie Robertson
Lakota Forever – Brule
For My People – Litefoot
Now That the Buffalo’s Gone – Buffy Sainte-Marie
The Prayer – SupaMan
Meadowlark Sunrise – Fire Crow
Treaties – Frank Waln
Akua Tuta – Kashtin
You’re a Brave One – Joanne Shendoah
Wash Your Spirit Clean – Walela
Brave Heart – Luis Cachiguango
Old One Wise One – Thunder Bird Sisters
Trail of Life – Sharon Burch
Coyote Dance – Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble
Many and Great – Jon Sarta


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Filed under Antiracism, Exercise, Music, New York, playlist

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