29 January 2019

Gym at the Shire. Treadmill.
Morningside Gardens. Walking.

Song of the Plains – Paul Robeson
Willie Taylor – Mary Dillon
Letter to the Free – Common
Banguela – Miriam Maria
I’ve Been Working – Van Morrison
Open All Night – Bruce Springsteen
The Long Black Veil – Mick Jagger & The Chieftains
Releasing Buffalo Spirits – My Western Music
All Along the Watchtower – Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead
The Gathering – John Munro
If I Could Build My Whole World Aroung You – Marvin Gaye
#9 Dream – R.E.M.
Thirty Days – Chuck Berry
Home – Karla Bonoff
Stand Up! – John McCutcheon

Due to events of yesterday and today, I added:
Freedom – Jussie Smollett
I Know My Name – Jussie Smollett
Just Once – James Ingram
One Hundred Ways – James Ingram


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Filed under Current Events, Exercise, Music, New York, playlist

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