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Sitting vigil

vigilThe news crossed my Facebook page early this afternoon. People in Ohio and in India called for a worldwide blackout and candlelight vigil as a witness for an end to rape – for today – January 26 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. T.V.N. Clutch, India, the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence, and the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence sponsored the event.

The word came to late for me to organize participation with anyone else. So I spread the word as widely as I could on social media. And from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m., I turned out the lights and lit candles. It was a tad disorienting. But for those affected, the experience of being raped is more than a tad disorienting.

In the silent darkness, I reflected on how rape is not only a violation, but a means to control. I grieved. I prayed. I pondered what I have done, what I have failed to do, and what I could do. I took a picture of one candle and shared in on Facebook, using my phone, not my computer.

As I turned the lights back on, one of the first things I did was to send  a message to my Senators asking them to co-sponsor the Violence Against Women Act. While not the only piece, this legislation represents an important part of the effort to end sexual and intimate partner violence that violates women, and some men, and shames us all.

See you along the Trail.

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25 January – an Orange Day

Orange DayToday, January 25, and the 25th of each month, is an Orange Day – a day to witness and work for an end to violence against women and girls.

On this day, I:

Work remains. Much work remains.

See you along the Trail.

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Seriously? The House failed to do what?

The U.S. House of Representatives – primarily the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives – failed to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. The Senate approved reauthorization in a bipartisan vote. The House – the Republicans in the House – let the law expire. Apparently the new version is too supportive of immigrants, the LGBT community, and Native Americans.

For the first time since 1994, the Violence Against Women Act is no more. And state and local governments will receive far fewer resources to address sexual and domestic violence.

It can sometimes be said that laws are not renewed because they are no longer needed. That does not work here.

An effort to revive the Violence Against Women Act can begin in the new Congress. Anyone who loves, or who has ever loved, a woman needs to be part of that effort.

See you along the Trail.



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End violence against women, says Orange Day

I originally posted a version of this on my work blog.

Today was the first Orange Day.

The UNiTE campaign has proclaimed every 25th of the month as Orange Day, to raise awareness about the issue of violence against women and girls, not only once a year on 25 November (the International Day to End Violence against Women), but every month!

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign aims to prevent and eliminate violence against women and girls in all parts of the world.

UNiTE brings together a host of UN agencies and offices to galvanize action across the UN system to prevent and punish violence against women.

Through UNiTE, the UN is joining forces with individuals, civil society and governments to put an end to violence against women in all its forms.

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