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The lungs of the train

The doors open when
the number three train
grinds to a stop in Times Square.

Passengers pile out,
passengers pile on the cars,
filling the lungs of the train.

After the exchange, refreshed,
the train pulls from the station,
resuming its uptown journey.

15 November 2011
Times Square

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View from the front of the train

I had never been there before –
not that I have all that much experience,
but I do ride the subway regularly –
I have done so since I have been in New York.
I prefer it to the bus
or even a cab (unless I am carrying a lot of stuff).
So that’s kind of often,
yet not all that much,
but nowhere in those trips,
however many,
however few,
have I ever done
what I did today.

On a homeward journey,
I hurried down the steps in Grand Central
to find, sitting in the station, a number 3 train –
clearly about to depart,
nonetheless prepared to receive boarders.
I did. Into the lead car, I slipped.
The doors closed, and were caught
by a privileged child with his umbrella and a sneer.
They reopened and a number of travelers poured in.
They drove me, gently I admit,
but relentlessly drove,
to the front of the train. The very front.

Never having been there before,
a moment passed before I realized the view;
when I did, it grabbed me; I became entranced –
watching red, blue, green, white, yellow –
flashing colors of light,
girders blurring on the side,
the track disappearing under the train.
I moved closer to the window;
watching a fantastic world,
only tearing myself away
from the view at the front of the train
when I feared I would miss my stop.

Shire on the Hudson
17 October 2011


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Eyes between his feet

Faithfully, patiently, his black eyes sat between his feet.
His white hair, lightly, very lightly peppered hung over his shirt collar.
oblivious to the passengers who looked them over carefully,
his thumb flicked open his watch to learn the time.

The train slowed as it approached the station; his eyes stood
on all four legs, certain this was the stop; he patted a haunch,
spoke softly, and shortened the leash; his eyes sat back down.
When the train squealed to halt, they rose, and together departed.

Downtown 3 Train
17 October 2011

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Train to DC

Sometimes the Trail
we travel by rail.
I Amtraked today from NYC to DC
second time I took the train
a pleasant experience
of course it would have been far more pleasant
had the day not started at 3:00 in the blessed A.M.
Photo – near Newberg, OR
October, 2009

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May 5, 1 Train

As the train hurtled downtown,
passing 110th,
rushing toward 103rd,
images danced in the windows.

For a moment,
only a moment,
brown eyes reflected toward mine

For a moment,
only a moment,
brown eyes captured mine.

For a moment,
only a moment,
brown eyes flashed a smile to mine.

For a moment,
a moment lingering still,
my eyes smiled in return.

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