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6 July 2019

Morning Ramble. Morningside Gardens.
Making sure that motivation does not lag as it did yesterday.
Misty Morning, Albert Bridge – The Pogues
Good Morning Aztlan – Los Lobos
As I Went out One Morning – Bob Dylan
Dusty Morning – Johnathan Edwards
Good Morning Good Morning – The Beatles
There’ll Be Sunshine in the Morning – Jim & Jean Strathdee
Woke Up This Morning – Fannie Lou Hamer
One Too Many Mornings – Johnny Cash & The Avrett Brothers
Good Morning – Lenny Kravitz
Quite Early Morning – Holly Near
Every Morning – Keb’ Mo’

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The sun claws its way
up the buildings,
a pink hue
shyly peeking over the up,
until at last,
morning comes again.

1 December 2017

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The still of early morning breaks
when, in the effort to digest
the evening’s overconsumption,
spasms clench my gut and stir me
to the cusp of sleep. There unsought
shadows of my failures greet me:
come again to shame, to haunt me.
Bitterly they rise and lurch from
memory into awareness,
one by one, then all together
they cascade into a torrent
pricking remorse with reminder
how deeply I depend on grace.

October 9, 2011
Shire on the Hudson

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Train to DC

Sometimes the Trail
we travel by rail.
I Amtraked today from NYC to DC
second time I took the train
a pleasant experience
of course it would have been far more pleasant
had the day not started at 3:00 in the blessed A.M.
Photo – near Newberg, OR
October, 2009

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