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Bentley, grand puppy


22 December 2018
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Eric and Essie have a dog!
This is from our first walk.

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In the elevator

His short legs did reach the floor,
but barely lifted his small body
eight or nine inches above it.
The elevator light gave his canine eyes
a sheen of green as in silence he
peered  intently up at me.
Was it friendship I saw
or merely lust for the sandwich I carried?
I will never know as
the elevator lurched to a stop
and he followed his owner
into the hall.

9 April 2012
Morningside Gardens


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Eyes between his feet

Faithfully, patiently, his black eyes sat between his feet.
His white hair, lightly, very lightly peppered hung over his shirt collar.
oblivious to the passengers who looked them over carefully,
his thumb flicked open his watch to learn the time.

The train slowed as it approached the station; his eyes stood
on all four legs, certain this was the stop; he patted a haunch,
spoke softly, and shortened the leash; his eyes sat back down.
When the train squealed to halt, they rose, and together departed.

Downtown 3 Train
17 October 2011

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Charley II

Tricia’s brother Woody is an artist who specializes in portraits of pets using pastels on suede board.

For Christmas we had him do a portrait for each of the guys – one of the best presents we have ever given.

With many fond memories . . . RIP Charley.

See you along the Trail.

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He’s grown some. He’s a bit bigger now. This was taken long ago – the day he came to live with us.

He is Sean and Eric’s dog – their first dog. Eric and Sean picked him thoughtfully and carefully, working so well together. They loved him well. They love him still.

When Sean and Eric left home for work and school, my brother and his family adopted Charley. We met in a park and shared a meal. Then they said, “Come Charley,” and he walked off with them and climbed into their car as though he had known them forever. My heart twinged when Charley never looked back and happily went off with Paul and Cindy, Billy, Greg, and Tommy. And well he should have gone – for they love him – he has found a good second home.

Yet he remembers us – always remembers us – always remembers Eric – always remember Sean – always remembers Tricia. You can tell in his eyes and in the excited way he greets us whenever we see him – which is, not as often as we might like, but often.

Now Charley ails. Seriously ails. An older bigger dog (did I mention that he grew and that the picture is from long ago) he faces health challenges. But come what may, he is loved and he is receiving good care and he will receive good care. And I am grateful to my brother and his family.

As I ponder what may be, tears well in my eyes. I bite my bottom lip to hold them back and memories flood over me. A smile dances in my heart and gently crosses my lips – a smile for Charley – for my sons – for my family – for love that never dies.

See you along the Trail.

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