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Grief compounds grief

Grief compounds grief.

Each new loss, however profound or simple, touches old losses, however simple or profound, however raw or well-healed.

The losses need not be ours. When a family member – someone we love – even a friend – endures a loss, it sets the spider web of our emotions trembling. It touches our soul.

Each new loss tears at us, raking the scars and the scabs we carry – sometimes causing minor irritation – sometimes a bit of seepage – sometimes opening afresh old wounds – sometimes inflicting new ones.

Grief compounds grief.

I have shared that insight with family, parishioners and friends.

I have known that intellectually.

I have lived that.

Grief compounds grief.

In recent days, a number of my friends have experienced the death of dogs – faithful pets, beloved companions.

I have grieved for each friend – I grieved with each friend.

And in that grieving, I have come to realize – that I still grieve for Charley – who shared life with our family – who shared life with my brother’s family – for many years. On a pretty day at the end of April, Charley was put to sleep following a period of illness.

With a heart that aches for many reasons, I say to my friends who grieve the loss of a pet – peace. Peace be with you. Remember. Shed a tear. And rejoice.

Grief compounds grief.

See you along the Trail.

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though heart be breaking
and eyes be leaking
though stomach be churning
and soul be aching
farewell is the best,
the only,
thing to say.

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