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5 July 2019

Hard day. Not motivated (which given that it was only walking says a lot about lack of motivation). Tired. Not feeling well. Pushed through.
Walking. Morningside Gardens.
Kalimba Blues – Earth, Wind & Fire
A New Machine – Pink Floyd
Last Best Place – Jack Gladstone
Busigan – Las Golondrinas Viajeras
Wind That Shakes the Barley – The Chieftains
Cherry Avenue – Melissa Etheridge
Life Is for Living – Santana
Break Your Heart – Natalie Merchant
Call Me, Tell Me – Pure Prairie League
Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again – Bob Dylan
Rock Island Line – Little Richard
The Retreat Song – Miriam Makeba
When Sick Is It Tea You Want – Boys of the Lough
Đời Gọi Em Biết Bao Lần – Hồng Nhung
Every Picture Tells a Story – Rod Stewart
The Strangers – Eric Bogle & John Munroe

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As the year turns

In terms of self-care, 2014 proved a good year. I am down 80 pounds from my highest weight and 50 pounds from my starting weight when I got serious again in the Spring. I have, however, hit a bit of a plateau over the last three months. Hence, it is time to renew my efforts. Yet again. You can follow my efforts on Steps Along the Trail. My goals have changed a bit. Each day I want to eat well (between 2,000 and 2,200 calories); do 30 minutes of cardio of some sort; and walk for 12,000 steps. I will try to add the stretching exercises my massage therapist wants me to do. I have a couple new wrinkles to provide motivation and jump start this initiative. I have increased my goal for steps. It had been 10,000. I have instituted a reward program for when I meet all three goals for seven days. I have set a goal of running or walking or walking/running a 5K this year. I have signed up to do the virtual 5K to benefit Cutch’s Crew/Pirates Charities. I have set a tentative date of April 11 to do my 5K. I have set up steps challenges with family and friends. Most step wins. In January, the losers will donate $10 to the charity of the winner’s choice. I have resumed using My Fitness Pal to track eating and am using Run Keeper to track my outdoor walking. You can become my friend on either of those if you want to track my progress there. Another wrinkle or two will pop up as the year unfolds. It all starts tomorrow! Wish me luck. And again, feel free to follow. Or not. See you along the Trail.

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A new start

By the Gregorian/Western calendar a new year began today. Other calendars, such as lunar calendars or the Christian year, have other starting dates.

Still today provides an opportunity to review and resolve and start anew. Always one to go along with the crowd, I took this moment to refocus my efforts at self-care.

First, a look back. In some ways December 2012 proved a bust. I regularly ate too much – way too much on many occasions. Because of travel and some minor foot issues (already being addressed), I failed to make my step goal most days. I failed to walk 30 minutes at a time most days.

But I did work through it all and made it to my three-month goal of 1,000,000 steps! Between October 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012, I logged 1,000,370 steps.

That feels good. Very, very good.

Rather than dwell on the failures, I plan to build on the success of 1,000,000 in 2013.

The big three goals will remain: eat well, walk 10,000 steps, walk 30 minutes at a stretch. For at least the first 100 days, in support of a friend who is training for a half-marathon, I will eat no desserts or sweets. At least I will try not to do that. Assuming things go well, I have some other goals in mind to add.

I plan to post more regularly – on my other blog – mostly as a motivational tool. If you want to check it out and give me a hard time, that would be fine.

See you along the Trail.

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