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The Until We Meet again Tour – 29 July 2016, part 1

The  Until We Meet Again Tour returned to Max Caffe. Derrick McQueen joined me for a marvelous conversation that ranged from racism to oppression of the LGBTQ community to antiracism and other ways to address the intersectionality of oppressive systems. A challenging, life-giving, hope inspiring conversation. A conversation that leaves me with much to ponder and that will, in the words of Dick Watts, be continued. A conversation so engaging that I forgot to take a photo of Derrick.


See you along the Trail.

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Strawberry Fields. Forever.

Tricia chose to spend a couple of days in New York before returning to Cleveland – in part to take advantage of the Tuesday air fares. We spent the day seeing some of the city and hanging with friends.

The day began with a walk-by of the apartment where our son will live when he soon moves to New York. Then we walked to Central Park where, as an acoustic guitar gently played, we viewed Strawberry Fields. We journeyed through the park to the Central Park Zoo which proved a challenge to find, which seemed odd considering how big it is. After the zoo, we made our way to the 9/11 Memorial Area. We had no tickets, so we simply walked by the outside.

Headed back uptown, we stopped for dinner at Vnyl in Hell’s Kitchen. Then on to Max Caffe where a number of good folks joined us for conversation, food and drink, and the simple joy of being together.

A day to remember, to learn, to mourn, and to give thanks. A good day.

See you along the Trail.

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