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Purple, not flowers, construction fence

IMG-6552I passed this fence on my way to St. James Presbyterian Church to a meeting with colleague and friend Derrick McQueen. It was on St. Nicholas between the 145th Subway Station and the church. Interesting that it was purple.


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I’ve never seen you like this

After a ten-day trip to Louisville, I returned to New York to view something I have never since in the two and a half years I have lived here. I noticed it as soon as the cab driver pulled into the parking lot. Amazement swept over me. I called Tricia to tell her what I saw.

Then I paused and took a photo of the Shire near the Hudson.

Shire withouth scaffolding (768x1024)


When I arrived in October 2010, scaffolding surrounded the front of the building and wove throughout the Morningside Gardens complex as tuck pointing and work on the roofs took place on the roof. The amount of scaffolding actually increased before, not so long ago, it came down around one of the other buildings.

I cannot say when it came down around my building. I left town on April 10. The scaffolding covered the building. Between that day and today, it came down. And I have seen something I have not seen before.

Lots of scaffolding remains throughout Morningside Gardens. But the work may actually end.

See you along the Trail.

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