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Purple, not flowers, construction fence

IMG-6552I passed this fence on my way to St. James Presbyterian Church to a meeting with colleague and friend Derrick McQueen. It was on St. Nicholas between the 145th Subway Station and the church. Interesting that it was purple.


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Purple (artificial) flowers, St. James Presbyterian Church


2 November 2017
St. James Presbyterian Church
Harlem, New York

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Purple flowers, St. Nicholas Park


On my way to preach
at St. James Presbyterian Church,
this harbingers of Spring
rose to greet me
from the soil
of St. Nicholas Park.

4 March 2012
Harlem, New York

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A different route

As I went out last Sunday, to make my way unto St. James Presbyterian Church, I planned to use St. Nicholas Avenue. It is flat. I employed my usual walking plan – take what traffic and the stoplights give me.

After a couple of blocks, I realized that it would prove difficult to get to St. Nicholas Avenue. I had gone too far north; St. Nicholas Park lay between me and my preferred route. A choice lay before me. To minimize the uphill journey and see some new things, I chose to go through the park.

There I was surprised and pleased to see crocuses or croci or both. Going by a different route, may bring new opportunities, new delights. At least it did as I walked out last Sunday to make my way unto St. James.

See you along the Tail.

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