21 April 2022

Walking. Germantown.
Oceanic Motions – El Vate
Come Love Come – Rhiannon Giddens
Drop Me Off In Harlem – Duke Ellington
If It’s Magic – Stevie Wonder
Bread and Roses – Judy COllins
Turn! Turn! Turn! – Pete Seeger
The British Arrival – The Last of the Mohicans
Maybe Angels – Sheryl Crow
Lo Mejor Que Dios Ha Hecho – Ángel Ramírez
La’ Brea’ Fa’n Dtuath – Clannad
I’ve Had Enough – The Who
John Hardy – Lead Belly
Fireflies – Zendaya
Fruit Tree – Nick Drake
Rio De Tenampa – Los Lobos
Go To Sleep – Ranky Tanky


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Filed under Exercise, Louisville, Music, playlist

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