14 August 2021

Walk. Louisville Waterfront Botanical Garden.

Rest well, Nanci Griffith
San Diego Serenade
Hard Times Come Again No More
Grapefruit Moon
Boots of Spanish Leather
Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
Heart of Indochine
So Long Ago
Tecumseh Valley
This Old Town
Ten Degrees and Getting Colder
Turn Around
So Long Ago
Never Mind
If I Hammer

Happy Birthday, John McCutcheon
Welcome the Traveler Home
We Shall Rise
Christmas in the Trenches
Greatest Story Never Told
Children of Abraham
All God’s Critters
Somos El Barco
Cross That Line
Streets of Sarajevo
Crazy or Courageous
Hope Dies Last
Te Recuerdo
SuAnne Big Crow
Sara Tucholsky
The Great Storm Is Over
Water from Another TIme
Stone by Stone
No Mas
How Can I Keep from Singing?
Hobo’s Lullaby
Wish You Goodnight
One Strong Arm
Calling All the Children Home


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