A prayer for peace and reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula 2021

Join the National Council of Churches in Korea in praying for peace on August 15 and every day.

God of creation,

We love this land where the people of the North and the South have built our own history together. We love the Korean Peninsula where we share our laughter and tears. But this land is moaning from the wounds of division.

The borders of different ideologies have driven this land into war and violence. The depths of hate are deep within us, and the forces that promote division are blocking our steps toward peace. The interference of major powers around the Korean Peninsula continues, and the people of the North and the South bear the burdens of conflict.

God of healing,

Hear our cry!

We pray that wounds of division will be healed.

Help us to stop hating and accusing each other, and plant the seeds of peace and coexistence. Help us to overcome the conflicts of ideology by the love of Christ.

Defeat the forces of evil that block the path of peace.

Help us stop the military exercises in the name of security.

God of reconciliation,

Grant the churches of the North and the South the strength and courage to lead the way of reconciliation and peace. We pray that the churches of the North and the South will strive to break down the walls of division and promote reconciliation.

God of peace,

We pray that we become a church dedicated to the true liberation today on the 76th anniversary of liberation from the Japanese Empire. We confess that peace and reunification on the Korean Peninsula is not an option, but a calling that we must achieve. Although the barbed wire of division has torn us apart, we remember that our spirits and hearts are connected in the Lord. 

Help us walk together on the pilgrimage of justice and peace as we walk together for the Kingdom of God.

In Jesus’s name, we pray.


15 August 2021
National Council of Churches in Korea


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