The competition

As I completed my work out at the Gym at the Shire and prepared to mount the elevator to return to the Shire itself, I noticed some of the others using the gym. Treadmills pounded; weight machines clanked. Grunts and sighs and snippets of conversation filled the air.

I briefly watched a younger man, much younger than me, struggle to do exercises I can do easily. And for a moment, I felt accomplished.

Then a woman, not young but not as old as me, smoothly moved into a headstand. Her ease and grace reminded me of the struggle I sometimes have just to stand on my feet. And for a moment, I despaired and thoughts of giving up filled my head.

For a moment. Only a moment.

The moment quickly passed and I realized as I exercise I do not compete with those who are ahead or with those who are behind, those who can do more or those who can do less. It is a journey of self-care. It is a competition with myself, with that voice in my head that tells me I can’t. And every time I make it through, every time I do something more, something new, I win.

And with support of family, trainer, friends, I have many wins. And more will come.

See you along the Trail.

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