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20 March 2020

Walking. Morningside Gardens. Pacing. The Shire.
Mercy/Gatekeeper – Hayley Kiyoko
Golden Light – Lucia Hwong
Pakuchii No Uta – Hikura Utada
Waiting for Your Return – Jasmine Chen
Someday – Ruby Ibarra
Wounded – Jessi Lee
It’s Me –  Kahi
Compassion – Magdalen Hsu- Li
Yellow Ranger – Awkwafina
Step – f(x)
Doi Goi Em Biet Bao Lan – Hong Nhung
Quiet – MILCK
Arrived – Jessi
The Calling – Sera
Yellow – Katherine Ho
Resist – Lea Salonga
Dream – Priscilla Ahn
Sisters, O Sisters – Yoko Ono
All Along the Watchtower – Luna
Put on Your Sunday Clothes – Hello Dolly

Three themes in this list. I’ll give you the third. Put on Your Sunday Clothes is the outlier. I am working with Sean to do the 30 day Broadway songs challenge. He picks the song each day. I put it on my playlist. This is day 1. I’ll let you figure out the other two themes.

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