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21 March 2020

Walking Morningside Gardens. Pacing The Shire. Searching for The Plague (found it).
Trail of Life – Sharon Burch
Daylight – Alison Krauss & Union Station
In the Quiet Morning – Joan Baez
Never Know – Angelique Kidjo
Ain’t No Way – Aretha Franklin
Diamonds on the Water – Stiff Gins
NYC Bitche$ – Awkwafina
Sorry – Beyonce
Short Supply – Tracy Chapman
Nick of Time – Bonnie Raitt
Kilimanjaro – Miriam Makeba
New Life – Briana Lea Pruett
Everyday is a Windy Road – Sheryl Crow
Carolina in My Mind – Melanie
Unpretty – TLC
The Grass Is Always Greener – Woman of the Year (the Playbill 30-Day Song Challenge song – thanks Sean)

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The Plague and covid-19

If I were to ask people to guess my favorite novel – the novel that has most influenced me, I think only a few people would get the right answer. The Lord of the Rings and Possessing the Secret of Joy come in high on the list, but they stand just short of The Plague.

IMG-1510The Plague was written by Albert Camus, who as my friend Alonzo Johnson points out was Algerian – his parents were French – but he was born in Algeria. The novel tells the story of a plague sweeping through the city of Oran. It explores the impact on people and how people respond.

Today my friend, Catherine Gordon, posted a link to a reflection on The Plague, Camus on the Coronavirus“.

The author writes: “But there can never be safety — and that is why, for Camus, we need to love our fellow damned humans and work without hope or despair for the amelioration of suffering. Life is a hospice, never a hospital.”

Even as an “at risk, vulnerable” person on PAUSE (yes – that is New York’s name for it) may I love; may I work to ameliorate suffering.

This day. And all days.

I have tracked down my copy, at least the third I have owned, and will read it again starting this evening. Related posts may follow.

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Not what it seems

I am watching The Black Death. I put it on my Netflix list to view on Roku. I did so because it has Sean Bean in it. It has something to do with bubonic plague, the church, witches, monks, knights of some source, and a village where there have been no deaths, no plague. Apparently the theory of the outsiders is that they have been spared because of witchcraft. And Sean Bean and his cohorts are there to test that theory. I will probably hang around to see whether they are right – and what happens either way.

It is no Lord of the Rings  – no  entry in the Sharpe’s series – no Troy – all of which featured Sean Bean and led me to choose this one. It certainly is no The Plague – Camus’ classic novel that pivots around an outbreak of plague.

It apparently deals with very, very deep questions – so deep that I don’t understand them. Every time I think I have a glimmer of what is going on, it wanders of in another direction.

“Nothing here is what it seems,” Sean Bean’s character says.

Now if only I could figure out what things seem to be, I would know what they aren’t.

See you along the Trail.

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