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An inadequate prayer in the face of tragedy in the Itaewon area of Seoul

God –

our minds stagger,

our hearts hurt,

our spirits sink

as we hear the news

of tragedy unimaginable

in the Itaewon area of Seoul.

Understanding falters,

words prove inadequate

and still we turn to you in prayer.

Comfort your children who grieve

for loved ones who died.

Work healing in your children

who are injured.

Support first responders,

medical personnel, and all who

provide care.

Guide the people of Itaewon,

of the Republic of Korea,

of the world,

as our spirits rage in anger,

and our minds flounder to process

to find appropriate responses.

Even in this time of profound grief,

perhaps especially in this time of profound grief,

help everyone – all your children – wherever we might be,

help us to love.



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Farewell Aaron

Steelers logo, 1963–present

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Change remains the order of the day within the Pittsburgh Steelers organization.

They released Aaron Smith yesterday.

However, this differs from the release of Hines Ward.

Don’t get me wrong, I will miss Aaron Smith. He is a class act and a fine player.

But injuries have taken his toll and limited his playing time over the past few years.

When a neck injury landed him on the injured reserve list this year, it seemed to mark the end. I grieved then – not only for his athletic ability – but for the grace with which his wife and Smith are handling the illness of one of their sons.

It is sad to see Aaron go. It is good to see him go and not risk further injury. There is more to life than football – he has shown us that already. Now it is time for him to live that.

Thank you Aaron Smith. Godspeed.

See you along the Trail.

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