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Football is coming

I purchased my NFL Audio Pass tonight.

The Steelers play on Thursday. It is preseason. But it is football.

See you along the Trail.

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U is for Ultimate

At meal time,
and many other times,
an Ultimate player
can find a game
with a view
outside the Ghost Ranch Dining Hall.

9 August 2008

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It is a game

I took this on 8 July 2011
in Rocky Mountain National Park.
It seemed an incongruous place
to see a football.

Yet tonight, while looking through old pictures,
it seems a metaphor
for how tangled athletics can become,
particularly at major colleges.

Amidst a tangled, overgrown culture
that can emphasize winning
demand sports generate income, and
tolerate alcohol abuse, exploitation of women, homophobia;

amidst a tangled, overgrown culture
where athletes can receive preferential treatment
that may included academic assistance (and more) or
a bending of disciplinary processes;

amidst a tangled, overgrown culture
where athletes may receive scholarships and
leave school without actually learning anything;

amidst a tangled, overgrown culture,
it  becomes too easy to forget,
to fail to see,
that at its heart,

it is a game.

22 November 2011
Shire on the Hudson

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