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Lent 20: Bless


Centennial Olympic Park
Atlanta, Georgia
After the PC(USA) Big Tent
14 June 2009

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A ride through friendship and the years via films

Films carry a great deal of my past with them or so it seems when I view them.

As I watch them again, I experience them anew, I see scenes that I have somehow managed to miss in the past. But I also find memories washing over me – memories of the time I first saw them – memories of how they spoke to my life at that moment – memories of where I was and what I was doing – memories of the people present when I saw them.

I have started watching every DVD I own – in no particular order, simply in the order they come off the stacks where I store them. I have done this before. This time I find them evoking memories in a powerful way.

The memories jumble, bumping into each other, pulling me through life and experiences in a random order – evoking the people who are and have been part of my viewing experiences through the years. Smiles and tears commingle in a fun ride.

Tonight – Little Miss Sunshine – which features one of my favorite endings and calls to mind some of my favorite movie-going companions.

See you along the Trail.

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W is for Walking


The primary means of transport on the ranch,
affords opportunity for
soaking in the views
and more.

25 October 2009

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Q is for Quizzical

A calm, ordered, organized man,
nonetheless, at times
I can befuddle
even Dennis,
one of the Ghost Ranch Service Corps leaders
in the summer of 2011

16 July 2011

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P is for Planning

Gathered to dream,
to discern,
to plan
the 2010 Peacemaking Seminar,
good folks,
good time,
good event.

27 October 2009

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O is for Outdoors

The beauty of Ghost Ranch
leads people to want to spend
as much time outdoors as possible.

The Youth Service Corps
rebuilt the outdoor amphitheater
where the community gathers for worship.

25 October 2009

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A good news update

About a month ago, I posted about our Cleveland Heights neighbor Andre. A friend of our older son, Andre had been seriously injured in a one-car accident. Recognizing that I should have done a better job of posting updates, I say with joy today that Andre’s recovery progresses. He will spend a night this weekend in his own apartment to see how he manages.

Thanks to all who have read about Andre – prayed for Andre – thought good thoughts for Andre – or simply had your heart touched by his story.

See you along the Trail.

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A reminder

Not that we need any reminders of how precious and fragile life can be; still they come to us almost daily.

I just got an email from Tricia who had just talked to our next door neighbor Al in Cleveland Heights.

Al and Pam’s son Andre was in a serious one-car accident on Friday.  He’s in Metro Hospital in Cleveland with numerous broken bones, including neck and back, a head gash… not breathing on his own at this point, has had several surgeries.  They believe he probably fell asleep at the wheel – his car hit a tree.  They had to revive him.

Andre and my son Sean are the same age. They graduated from high school together. They were never close – but they were neighbors and friends.

I remember playing catch with them as children – tossing footballs and baseballs.

I remember birthday parties when they were little.

I remember walking home from church one day and finding Andre and Sean sitting on our steps using sticks to shoot at cars – they must have been four; neither Tricia and I nor Al and Pam allowed our sons to have toy guns, but they figured it out anyhow.

I remember when they broke one of our basement windows playing soccer. Pam’s father fixed it.

I remember their graduation. Laughing, dreaming, posing for pictures.

I remember talking to Andre about what he was doing and what Sean was doing when I would come home through the years.

I remember. And today I pray. And I ask you to do the same.

See you along the Trail.

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The picture is from a couple of years back. I could say it is a bit old, but I realize that would mean that I am a bit older.

I believe this picture was taken by Tiffany Gonzales at a party at her house. Football might have been involved.

What is most important at this moment – is that friendship is definitely involved.

My friend Irene recently endured a very hateful incident. She has had the grace and courage and faith and hope and trust to share her pain and process her pain publicly on Facebook.

A number of her friends have responded with statements of support, long-distance hugs, and prayers. Tonight I decided that, in addition to my words, I would post this picture of Irene and me.

I am honored and grateful to be her friend. I give thanks for Irene and for all who share this journey with me.

See you along the Trail.

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