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There’ll Be Sunshine in the Morning – Jim and Jean Strathdee
Canticle of the Turning – Princeton Seminary Choir
How Can I Keep from Singing – Little Windows
Precious Lord – Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Come On Children, Let’s Sing – Mahalia Jackson
Love, Love Love – Clarence Fountain & The Blind Boys of Alabama
That’s the Way God Planned It – Ivan Kelley, Jr. & Our Lady of Perpetual Tears Choir
Jesus Christ Is Risen Today – Choir of King’s College, Cambridge, Daniel Hyde & Donal McCann
I Know That My Redeemer Liveth – Tevin Campbell
Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates – Commissioned & The Clark Sisters
No. 44 – Chorus “Hallelujah” – Sutherland/Bumbry/Mckellar/Ward/Sir Adrian Boult
Resurrection Hallelujah – Naruwan Indigenous Choir of Taiwan
Jesus Is All – Sweet Honey in the Rock
Easter Alleluia – Theresa Donohoo, Gary Daigle & Rory Cooney
Sing Hallelujah to the Lord – ICE (The Island Choral Experience) & Friends
Halleluya (Zimbabwe) – A Choral Scholar
Christ Is Risen, Shout Hosanna – First-Plymouth Congregational Church, Tom Trenney & Jeremy Bankson

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Lenten photo-a-day challenge 2

Lots of folks are participating in the Lenten photo-a-day challenge. It is great fun to see their posts.

Check some out at #rethinkchurch and #rethinkpcusa.

It is also interesting to see how people are approaching this project. Some are taking photos for each day.

I am using old photos – photos I have taken through the years. The one exception is one day when I used a photo of my family taken by my sister-in-law. Going through the photos brings back many memories. Remembering is key dimension of Lenten preparation. This project has been a blessing.

See you along the Trail.

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Lenten photo-a-day challenge

Intro dayLent is coming.

Lent, the season of the Christian year that leads to Easter, is a time of preparation. It is a time of simple living, prayer, and fasting – a time to practice spiritual disciplines.

Some people add prayer, scripture reading, and meditation to their lives. Some choose to give up something. In different ways, people make the journey to the week when Christians remember the arrest, torture, execution and resurrection of Jesus.

This year, I plan to join in the Lenten photo-a-day challenge posed by Rethink Church and by Rethink PC(USA). Here are the details:

Whatever your practices this season, will you join this photo-a-day challenge and share with the community how you perceive each word or phrase for the day? No explanation needed, unless you want to. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Tag your photos on instagram with @rethinkchurch or on twitter with #rethinkchurch and #40days.

You don’t have to be a great photographer. This project is hopefully more about the practice of paying attention and being intentional, than it is being the best photographer [though we encourage you to get creative!]. If you don’t have instagram or twitter, we’d still love for you to share your photos. Just share them on your facebook page and tag us, or post them on our facebook wall.

Rethink Church provides a list of words related to the Lenten journey.

I will post here and will tweet the posts at @wmkoenig using the hashtags #rethinkpcusa and #40days.

This amount of discipline will present a challenge to me. I guess that explains its name.

See how I do – along the Trail.


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The Easter egg tree
(are they leftover or are they rushing the season)
of the First Presbyterian Church of Annapolis,provides a reminder,
however imperfect,
of the hot air balloons of
they in turn,
call to
dear friends
Gladys and J.C.
and wondrous memories
and adventures
and love that never dies
but accompanies us

See you along the Trail

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Trumpeting resurrection

The saints of the United Presbyterian Church of Ozone Park invited me to preach this morning. It was a beautiful, sunny, cool day in Queens. Easter lilies graced the front of the sanctuary, trumpeting resurrection. 

As usual my photo fails to do justice – and yet, perhaps under some unperceived artistic inspiration, the photo blurry photo the sense of movement present on that first Easter morning – going to the tomb – returning to get others – going back to tell what they had seen, though not yet understood.


See you along the Trail.

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I will not sleep well tonight.

Of course I rarely sleep well, but at least I will know why tonight. 

It is hard to sleep, at least for me, when my heart aches even more than usual.

I learned last night that Antonia Ariza went missing on September 1, 2011. The information came from our partners in the Iglesia Presbiteriana de Colombia. Antonio has been working with the church for a number of years in their ministry of accompaniment with people who have been displaced in Colombia.
Despite the ongoing and repeated threats to his life, Antonio has remained committed to the cause of peace and justice for displaced persons in Colombia. He was continuing his tireless activities as president of the Atlántico chapter of the National Association of Displaced Persons of Colombia (ANDESCOL).    
Antonio’s whereabouts remain unknown. He has become one of the disappeared.
The IPC is mounting a search for him and are pressing his case to all authorities in Colombia. Presbyterians are joining in the effort. I spent a good portion of the day working with partners from the Colombia Accompaniment Program on a letter to the US Embassy in Bogota from Rev. Gradye Parsons, Stated Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The letter is at the request of the IPC and is shaped by information they provided.
The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship has identified action steps to take. The list was created with the assistance of Rev. Sarah Henken, Regional Liaison for the Andean Region for Presbyterian World Mission. The steps are designed to pressure the authorities in Colombia to place the highest priority possible in the search for Antonio. 
Here’s an update from the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship on the action steps: 


Thank you so much to everyone for your outreach in regards to the case of Antonio Ariza. We have received word from the US Embassy in Bogota today through numerous channels that they have our information and that they are working on his case.

We have also received feedback from many of our loyal grassroots supporters that they are experiencing issues with email bounce-backs from both US and Colombian addresses that we have provided you with. We apologize for this inconvenience, be assured that the addresses are correct, but their systems have a number of safeguards to prevent spam, and due to the volume of emails we have generated, some of them are being turned away by the automated systems. We have no control over this.

At this time we do not need to continue to send faxes to the US Embassy. They have received our message, and additional faxes would probably be counterproductive since they have been flooded today by our organization and our partner organizations. Please continue to fax/email the offices of Colombian officials as able.

Thank you so much—your solidarity means so much and we will continue to keep you posted about our continued advocacy for Antonio. Your prayers continue to be of great need and comfort to all in this time.

–The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship

I had the privilege to meet Antonio when I was in Colombia during Holy Week and Easter of 2011. My heart breaks for him, for his family, for his friends, and for all who have been disappeared. My heart breaks that we live in a world where some people think they can simply make people with whom they disagree, people who threaten them, disappear. And not only are there people who think that – they are in position to make it happen.
May God’s peace be with Antonio – with his family – with his friends – with the people of of the IPC – with all who been disappeared – with all who sleep poorly tonight as they wait and worry for loved ones.
See you along the trail. I look forward to the day I see Antonio.

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It was good today

It was good today . . .

to worship at Good Shepherd-Faith Presbyterian Church
in Korean and in English;

to gather with a “United Nations” of sisters and brothers,
a multicultural, inclusive community;

to hear music ranging from
Oh Happy Day to The Holy City;

to remember Naomi
who presented me the cross I wore to preach,
who lived as a child of resurrection in a world of Good Fridays;

to experience anew the reality
of the Communion of Saints –
those with whom we once share life’s journey
go with us as the journey continues;

to watch the flowering of the cross
and to realize, for the first time,
that it denies not
the obscenity of crucifixion
but proclaims that,
affirms that,
though consequences continue and wounds remain,
resurrection follows – new life blooms.

It was good today.

See you along the Trail.

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The day of resurrection

Christ is risen.
Risen indeed.
Give thanks.
Live thanks.
This day.
Every day.

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The trail heads south

So I not done a great job of writing. Or exercising. Or eating (well unless eating too much is the standard). Still not sure what is going on there.

But I do know what is going on elsewhere. The alarm clock is going to ring at 4:00 in the blessed a.m. I will roll from the bed, stagger around the Shire for a while and drive to the airport.

There, assuming that there is actually a seat for me, I will board a plane to Atlanta, where I will board a plane to Miami, where I will board a plane for Barranquilla – assuming I do not fall asleep in the airport. Sleeping on plane, good. In the airport, not so good.

There will be others with me – even in Louisville, so they should wake me up should sleep overtake me.

I will be part of a group of Presbyterians, many from the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, who will meet with our partners in the Presbyterian Church in Colombia to discuss the Colombia Accompaniment Program. We will be in Barranquilla (on the Atlantic coast) and will take a couple of day trips from there. Conversations will take place at the School of Theology of the Reformed University of Colombia (I think – corrections will be made if I am incorrect).

I hope to do some blogging about the trip and post some pictures. Hopefully I will find time to post the usual type of material as well. I have a few posts ready to publish on Monday and Tuesday.

This will be my first trip to Colombia. I have been involved in promoting the Accompaniment Program. I have met individuals who came to the United States as part of our International Peacemakers Program. I helped create a resource – the cover is the image on this page. I know the names of many of the people who will be present – but we have not met. It will be good to do so.

I look forward to the experience. It will be a blessing to celebrate Holy Week (I am preaching on Good Friday) and Easter with our sisters and brothers.

See you along the Trail.

p.s. only 3313 steps today – too much sitting and finishing things on the computer. The pedometer will go along.

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