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Why I like New York 31: the bridge between terminals C and D at LaGuardia

Today the Trail led to Louisville. Again. At least that was the plan. It may still happen.

I arrived at LaGuardia – perhaps my least favorite place in New York – at around 4:30 for a 6:00 flight to Washington. There I would connect with a flight to Louisville.

Shortly after I arrived in Terminal C, the attendants announced that the 5:00 flight would be delayed. About 5:15, they announced that the 6:00 flight, my flight, would be delayed. I jumped into the line to check connections because I did not have much time in Washington.

Shortly after I got in line, they announced that my flight would be further delayed. Then came the news that they had cancelled the 5:00 flight. Oddly enough no one cheered this announcement.

When I reached the counter, Ricardo had bad news and good news and bad news for me. I would miss my connection. He could book me on another flight – a direct flight on another airline. It would not leave until 8:45. I took the flight.

Ricardo sent me around the corner to the other airline’s help desk. There I learned that the plane would depart from a gate in Terminal D.

Having almost three hours I asked if I could walk to the new gate. Told that I could, I did.

And I discovered the bridge between the terminals. And I realized that it made, if not a perfect, at least a very good place to walk and an opportunity to keep up my efforts at self-care.
In the spirit of making Irish whiskey when life gives one barley, I have spent an hour walking on the bridge. And since my flight is now delayed until 10:00, I may walk some more.

See you along the Trail.

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Why I like New York 15 – it’s more than just a ride

When first I came to New York City, I believed the subway served as a means of transportation.

During the two years that I have lived here, that belief has proven correct, again and again.

But I have also learned that the subway has far more uses that I ever imagined.

Some of those uses depress me. Some inspire. Many confound and amuse.

Take today.

From when I got on the subway at 125th until I got off at 96th, I watched – by glances not constantly – a woman attach false eyelashes, use tweezers on her eyebrows, and apply mascara. She sat at the end of a bench and used the wall of the car as a mirror.

Not just a way to get from here to there, the subway also functions as a moving salon.

See you along the Trail.

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