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The movie at Louisville Athletic Club was GoldenEye. They appear to be in a James Bond phase.

I was surprised to see Judi Dench playing the role of M. I had not realized that she moved into the role that early. I checked and discovered that she was M in four films before the series reboot with Casino Royale. She works in that role and most every role she plays.

Pierce Brosnan was Bond. James Bond. He never really worked for me in that role although I thought he was great in Evelyn and a number of other films.

Tomorrow’s movie is Silverado. Football again in the afternoon.

See you along the Trail.

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007 – The New One

“Does that mean Casino Royale?” I asked, gesturing to the sign behind the reception desk of the Louisville Athletic Cub.

“No, the other one,” replied the attendant.

“Quantum of Solace?”

“That’s it,” she said.

I headed off toward the Cardio Theater.

The club usually posts the movies they will show a few days in advance. There must have been a change, as “007 – The New One” had not been posted on Thursday. I had gone to the gym planning to listen to some new CDs that we had purchased in New Orleans. But Quantum of Solace was too good to pass up. The iPod went into my pocket but it came back out when I returned to the Shire. Great music with memories of a great time.

Sean Connery will always be James Bond for me. Daniel Craig is a very, very close second.

However, I find that it is Dame Judi Dench who makes the new Bond films. As in almost every one of her films, she is incredible. Can you even name the actor or actress who played M in the earlier movies? I can’t. But Dame Judi establishes an unforgettable presence through her amazing performance. “If you could avoid killing every possible lead, it would be deeply appreciated.”

Stats for the day: 2.02 miles on the treadmill; 10,324 steps overall; eating within the guidelines.

Today was the weigh-in for a biggest loser type program with friends in Cleveland. The total numbers will not appear, but I will post the pounds lost or the pounds gained each week.

And someday, we will be able to say “Mark – The New One”


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