18 May 2023

Rooftop: Tucson, AZ – Mel Hsu
Hubba Hubba – Heems
Ain’t Gon’ Stop – Young Rizzo
Mourning Doves – Jhene Aiko
Myrtle Ave. – mxmtoon
LEMONS – Shawn Wasabi, feat. Kennedi
So Far Gone – Magdalen Hsu-Li
The Other Side, Welcome – Ruby Ibarra feat, Ann One
I Know I Should Call – Jennifer Chung
Shittosarerubeki Jinsei – Hikaro Utada
Beetle – Run River North
Holei – Dennis Pavao
Beach – Orion
Holy Disorder – Sera
We Are the Children – “Charlie” Chin, Chris Kando Iijima & Joanne Nobuko Miyamoto


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