15 May 2023

Nakba Day.
Yalli El Qumar – Mohammed Assaf
Sabs Adresse – Ramzi Azoredwan
Daughters of the desert – Rim Banna feat. Bugge Wesseltoft & Checkpoint 503
Wanabani – Kamilya Jubran & Werner Hasler
Song for Palestine – Nora Roman & The Border Busters
Passport – Marcel Khalife
Desert – Rasha Nahas
Palestine – DJ Bruno Cruz
Palestinian Resistance – PR
Suffocated Electronics – Muqataa
The Dice Man – Michael Sajrawy
To Change Tomorrow – DAM
The Third Generation – Dmar
Beast – Jowan Safadi
Oh Kufye Man – Wala’ Sbeit
No Longer Mine – Zaman
Palestine: Fida’i (Revolutionary), “My country, the land of my grandfathers…” – Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra & Peter Breiner
Ibn el Balad (instr.) – Ensemble musical de Palestine


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Filed under Human Rights, Music, Current Events, Louisville, playlist

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