21 December 2021

Walking. North East, Maryland.
Winter Solstice.
Solstice Hymn – Jay Ungar/Mary Lea/Abby Newton/Molly Mason
Western Sky – Brian Keane, Michael Manring & Paul McCandless
Joyful Times – Marian Meadows
Winter Solstice Song – Rosemary Beland
Secret Places – Todd Cochran
Solstice Prayer – R. Carlos Nakai
Northern Lights – Lisa Lynne
New England Morning – William Ackerman & Joan Jeanrenaud
Ursa Major – Michael Hedges
Winter Solstice – Robert Mirabel
Winter Solstice Sunrise – Mothertongue
A Long, Long Night – Crow Women
The Year Is Born Anew – Jaiya
Ring Out, Solstice Bells – Jethro Tull
The Sun Is Gonna Rise – Bill Miller
Drive the Cold Winter Away – Horslips


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Filed under Advent, Exercise, Louisville, Music, playlist

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