2 May 2020

Pacing. Stretching. The Shire.
Confidence for Quiet – The Corrs
Ej Pada, Pada Rosicka – Once
It Was So Easy – Carly Simon
Into the West – Black 47
On Dark Street – Elton John
Momma – Kendrick Lamar
Laugh with Me – Mary Youngblood
Winds of Old Days – Joan Baez
I Want You – Marvin Gaye
You’re the One – Clannad
The Tullymore Polka – Shaun Davey
Heartache for Everyone – Indigo Girls
The Times They Are A-Changin’ – Bob Dylan
Solo – Victor Jara
Now and Forever – Carole King
I Believe – Elmore James
The Golden Canon – Solaris
The Likes of You Again – Flogging Molly
Waitress – Hop Along
Putcha Body Down – Zendaya
Broadway Baby – Follies (Playbill 30-Day Song Challenge, thanks Sean)


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Filed under Exercise, Music, New York, playlist

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