Pride March 2019

Photos and videos of the New York City Pride March shared by family members and friends have touched and blessed me. Next year I will take vacation so I can participate.

My son posted a photo of a hate group with hate signs. He noted that they represent one reason why Pride remains needed. I offered ten points in response to him and to any one who was touched by hate because of their sexual orientation or gender identity today or any day.

  1. You are right. Pride is a necessary response to such hate.
  2. I am sorry you are right. I am sorry such thinking still exists. We are working to change it.
  3. We have work to do. I have work to do.
  4. These people are wrong.
  5. These people are [fill in your favorite colorful metaphor here].
  6. On the off chance that these people are … wait … see number 4.
  7. Love is stronger than hate and fear and anything else in all creation.
  8. Love is even stronger than stupidity.
  9. Each person is precious, beloved, beautiful. Just as the person is.
  10. I love you.

Happy Pride, son. Happy Pride, friends. Happy Pride, All.

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