Luke, Merdine T., and love

Luke and Merdine TEach item packed,
was packed with care,
for each was so much more
than a physical object,
transcended time and crossed miles
with unbreakable cords
of memory,

The wooden box came apart
in Eric’s hands.
The pieces, sixteen black and sixteen white,
he nestled securely inside;
then rubber bands bound the box together,
until the hinges can be repaired.
Into a plastic bag,
then into a cushioned bag
went the box.
Eric smiled at me;
I smiled at him,
warmth washing over us both.
As he took the package to car,
I turned to Essie,
“Someday, have him tell you about
Luke and
Merdine T.”
As she agreed,
Essie smiled at me.
I smiled at her,
knowing the love will pass along.

3 July 2017
Cleveland Heights, Ohio


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