Two treadmill observations

I am six days into my most recent effort at self-care. You can check out reports if you are interested. They are posted there if you are not interested as well.

One dimension of this effort comes from my doctor. She challenged me, or encouraged me, to increase the intensity of my work on the treadmill. Specifically she told me to increase my speed. With some trepidation, I gave it a try when I started this effort. It has worked well thus far.

Two observations from tonight’s 30 minutes:

It interests me how the time appears to pass more quickly when I am walking at a faster speed. It is a matter of perception, I know. But perceptions matter.

While walking tonight, the song “Welcome Home” by Eric Bogle came on my iPod. The song tells the story of an Australian woman whose husband has returned from Vietnam and her struggle to welcome home this beloved stranger. The song contains this lyric: Where hate is muddy quicksand, love is tempered steel. The line touches me deeply each time I hear it, resonating with personal experience, and leaving me with the wish to somehow, some day write something so powerful.

See you along the trail.


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