Staking my claim

Clouds (1024x768)Today brought the easiest, smoothest trip I have had in a long, long time.

I travel quite a bit – not as much as some – but more than most. I write about my travel at times.

I have had some issues when I travel. I admit they pale in comparison to those faced by my friends Nancy and Sung Yeon to whom I extend condolences. But anyone who travels as often as I do will have some issues. They happen.

When they happen, I usually whine. Loudly. Widely. Boldly.

And when things go well, I admit that, too.

I figure saying nice things about good travel grants me the privilege to whine. Loudly. Widely. Boldly. No logic supports that thinking, but it works for me.

Today’s travel began in Louisville. My last meeting was a consultation between the Presbyterian Church of Korea and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

I checked in for my flight, cleared security, and began to search for something to eat. At the restaurant, I met my friends in the Korean delegation at the airport and had another really good conversation with them. We hugged before they boarded their plane. It left first.

Then my flight departed on time. A smooth flight with amazing views. It arrived early – thirty minutes early – at LaGuardia. My bag appeared as the second bag on the carousel at baggage claim. I literally walked out the door and into a cab. The ride home was simple. 

Would that travel could be like that for all of us every time. I know it will not. And now that I have given thanks for today’s trip, I have staked out my claim to whine away when things go wrong.

See you along the Trail.

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