An easy return journey

Having chronicled the challenges that I faced traveling  from New York to Cleveland, it only seems fair to report on the return journey.

Twenty-four hours before the scheduled departure, I received an email telling me I could obtain my boarding pass. I smiled.

My older son and I were on the same flight. Tricia took us to the airport, allowing lots of time in case things did not go well. Due to his platinum status, my son checked our bags. I obtained a boarding pass with ease. We went to the gate. After a couple of calls for volunteers to stay behind, the boarding process began. Maintenance applied de-icer to the plan. We took off and after a very smooth flight we arrived at LGA.

An easy return. Too easy I would say if I were in a spy novel. But I am not.

As I made my way to baggage claim, I winced when I observed that red cancellation notices had begun to appear on the flight boards. I hope all who traveled today did so with ease and safety.

See you along the Trail.

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