From Time to Time

Maggie Smith did it again. She almost always turns in a great performance. Today’s film, chosen because of her presence, proved no exception.

From Time to Time is not a great movie. The story is more than a tad sentimental. Many characters remain undeveloped. Some seem out-of-place. Dialogue is often stilted. One strand of the story has a fairly unbelievable ending as do some scenes. Another strand ends in a predictable manner.

But the movie deals with great themes – class, slavery, life, death, and character. Most of all it deals with relationships and love. In the end, it gets no greater than that.

One piece of dialogue stays with me. When faced with a situation that worried her, one character observes:

What will people say?

To which comes the quick response:

Nothing that will interest me.

A wonderful attitude. A difficult attitude to keep. But an attitude to which it might do well to aspire.

And of course, Dame Maggie was wonderful as the grandmother who has much to teach and maybe even more to learn.

See you along the Trail.

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