Why I like New York 19: Halloween

Confession #1. I do not like Halloween. I did as a child – especially the candy part. I took great joy in the delight that Sean and Eric experienced in their costumes through the years. But as a holiday for me to celebrate as an adult, it does not work.

Confession #2. On my long walk home today, I noticed all sorts of people of all ages wearing all sorts of costumes going trick-or-treating along Amsterdam Avenue. As my friend J.C. Austin points out, it can sometimes prove difficult to distinguish between people wearing costumes and colorful New Yorkers. But clearly some of the people wore costumes. It proved great fun to watch parents and children and merchants take part. At W. 86th Street and Amsterdam West-Park Presbyterian Church, I came across my friend Bob Brasher – pastor of the church – handing out treats to all sorts of costumed children. Perhaps the city’s vulnerability after Hurricane Sandy played a part, but it hooked me.

Confession #3. I took the photo on the hall of my apartment building, not on Amsterdam. Clearly someone here appreciates the day more than I.

See you along the Trail.


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