What I am doing in December

Yes. The commercialism of Christmas annoys me. On Tuesday, November 1, while on my way to have lunch with my friends Leo and Theresa Chavez Sauceda in Vallejo, I stopped by a drug store – one of the major chains, I forget which. Transition dominated the shelves that day. Of course by now, the transition is completed.

Halloween items: gone.

Shelves: stocked with Christmas items.

Yes. In many ways it is too early to begin thinking about Christmas. But, when one lives in multiple places, one has to plan time with care to do what one wants.

So my plans for December have begun:

  1. Travel to Cleveland
  2. Buy coffee for Carol at Noble Road Presbyterian Church (probably with Eric)
  3. Coffee (recurring theme) with Francis and Isaac about the Dougbe River Presbyterian School
  4. Go to movies
  5. Watch football
  6. Finalize the “usual events” – Christmas Day at my brother’s home; Trivial Pursuit; Steelers games at the Winking Lizard;

Today, I added another item to the list.

On my way to worship with the saints of the United Presbyterian Church of Ozone Park, I noticed a woman wearing a hat. Her hat reminded me of my hat-wearing friend Merdine T. Morris. And I knew.

December needs to include time to see Merdine T.

See you along the Trail.


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