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Using my brand new Reduced Fare Subway Card, I boarded the 1 Train at South Ferry.

Three stops later, a group of children participating in a summer enrichment program entered the car I was riding. Young adult chaperones boarded with them. The volume in the car increased dramatically.

At the next couple stops, I noticed some of the older folks slipping off the train. Had it reached their stop? Or were they retreating from the chaos and noise?

At the third stop (sixth total), the process repeated. Another group of children participating in the same summer enrichment program entered, along with some young adult chaperones. Older folks left.

By the time we reached my stop, there were probably 50 children, 12 young adult chaperones, and maybe 3 of us who were not part of the group.

On my way out I said in a loud voice (I may be old but I’ve still got it) that brought silence to the car: “Children, you are wonderful. Thank you for allowing me to share your ride.”

After a beat I said, “You young adults who are working with the children, thank you for the work you are doing.”

Many little hands waved at me as the train pulled past me.

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