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27 March 2013, Republic of Korea

JC and MarkThe day again began at 10:00 AM when the Rev. Dr. JC Lee met me at the guesthouse. We drove to Jinju. There we visited the First Church of Jinju and met the Rev. Lim Jueng Bae. Together with an elder from the congregation (a retired teacher of political science and international relations),we went for a cold noodle lunch.

After lunch we went to the Nam River. We walked for a while in a park and then visited Jinju Fortress. This fortress played a role in resisting the Japanese invasion of the Korean peninsula. In 1592, the Koreans, under General Kim Si-min (who was killed in the battle) and others, defeated the Japanese. A year later, the Japanese took the fortress.

To celebrate the victory, the Japanese soldiers forced all the kisaengs, female entertainers, to join them at the Chokseongnu Pavilion on a cliff which overlooked the Nam River. Nongae, one of the kisaengs, was called to entertain a victorious Japanese general. She led the general, Keyamura Rokusuke to a rock where she embraced him, held fast her fingers with rings that locked her around him and cast herself along with the general into the river, killing them both. The Uigisa Shrine honors her patriotism.

The Rev. Lee then drove us to Pyeongsari in Hadong County. There we visited a home built to replicate the home described in Toji (The Land), the epic historical novel by Park Kyung-ni. The location has served as the set for a number of film versions of the novel.

Our travels next took us to visit a Buddhist monk friend of the Rev. Lee’s. Jeedam, a Buddhist monk, runs a tea company. We drank a number of cups.

Dinner, on our way back to Gimhae, featured Jaechup crabs from the Seomjin River prepared in a variety of ways. A full moon accompanied us, dancing among the mountains, on our trip.

See you along the Trail.

The photo shows the Rev. JC Lee and me across the Han River from Jinju Fortress. The Rev. Lim Jueng Bae took the photo.

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