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The only way? Execution scheduled in Ohio

The State of Ohio plans to execute Reginald Brooks tonight. He stands convicted of shooting his three sons while they slept. The crime occurred in 1982.

No questions seem to appear about his guilt. There is some argument about his mental competency. Prosecutors argue that his mental illness did not cause the murders nor does it make him incompetent. From an MSNBC report:

They say he planned merciless killings, bought a revolver two weeks in advance, confirmed he’d be home alone with the boys, targeted them when they wouldn’t resist and fled on a bus with a suitcase containing a birth certificate and personal items that could help him start a new life.

I grieve for his three sons: 17-year-old Reginald Jr., 15-year-old Vaughn, and 11-year-old Niarchos. I grieve for the potential that was lost when they were murdered. I grieve for their mother, Beverly Brooks, and all who loved them.

This is a horrible crime.

And yet I wonder – does killing someone to prove that killing someone is wrong really work? Is this the only way?

See you along the trail.

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Four executions scheduled in next ten days

Until recently the next ten days were scheduled to bring five executions. One has been stayed. Four more loom.

November 15 – Reginald Brooks in Ohio (includes a petition)

November 15 – Oba Chandler in Florida

November 16 – Guadalupe Esparza in Texas

November 18 – Paul Ezra Rhoades in Idaho

More details will follow as I find them.

See you along the Trail.

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