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A blessed visit, a blessed day

IMG_1655 (1024x651)Near the end of my visit to the Republic of Korea, the Rev. JC Lee informed me that one of his Doctor of Ministry would come to the United States. The class itself would take place at Columbia Theological Seminary. But they would also do some sightseeing. Their Trail would bring them to New York.

I jumped at the opportunity to share a small portion of hospitality with my friend and guide who had showed me so much on my trip to his country. We began to plan and via email worked out a brief visit to the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations.

The visit happened yesterday – May 30. It was wonderful.

JC and nine students arrived about 10:30. Our staff greeted them warmly. Ricky, Marissa (who took two of the photos in this post), Brendan, Ryan, Sera, and I told about the work of our ministry and responded to questions.

IMG_1659 (1024x683)Pizza, traditional New York City pizza – we wanted to provide a New York dish, arrived at 11:15 or so. Over lunch, our guests shared about themselves and their ministries.

Our guests expressed interest in the Red Hands on our walls. I explained that the hands were part of the Red Hand Campaign to end the use of children as soldiers. Our Korean brothers and sister indicated a desire to participate and Red Hands were made.

After lunch, Sera and I accompanied the class on a tour of the United Nations. As we had requested, the guide conducted the tour in Korean. The group members had a marvelous, joy-filled time. We had so much fun and laughed so loud and hard with each other that our guide had to quite the group. Twice.

IMG_1739 (1024x683)Following the tour, we returned to our office where we bid each other, not good-bye, but “until the next time.” We walked our brothers and sister to the elevator amid great laughter. The class went to visit Midtown.

The elevator doors closed. With joy in our hearts, well at least with joy in my heart – I suppose I should not speak for anyone else, we went back to work.

A blessed visit. A blessed day.

See you along the Trail.





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25 March 2013, Republic of Korea

A late start – 10:30 a.m. – when the Rev. Dr. JC Lee arrived to pick me up at the Amour & Symphony Hotel in Suwon. He drove us to Seoul.

IMG_0561We visited the Gyeonbokgung Palace  – the main palace of the Joeson Dynasty. It is magnificent. We also spent a few minutes in the National Folk Museum of Korea, located next door to the palace.

After lunch, we went to the Institute of Doctor of Ministry of the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea. The Rev. Dr. Lee is the Dean of the Institute. I presented on why the Church engages in the public arena.

With two of the Rev. Dr. Lee’s colleagues, we made our way to the Seoul Train Station. As we mounted the stairs to the station, we saw a Bennigan’s Restaurant. “Do you want to eat at Bennigan’s?” asked the Rev. Dr. Lee. I have never said no to him when he has asked me about eating.

The meal ended. We entered the station and bid farewell to the other teachers at the Institute. We made our way to the KTX Bullet Train. We boarded and rode to Jinyoung.

The Rev. Dr. Hyunju Bae, the Rev. Dr. Lee’s wife and the one who extended the invitation to me to visit, met us there. We drove to a traditional Korean house in Gimhae where I am spending the night.

See you along the Trail.

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