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I did not

I made my way down the jetway and entered the plane. As instructed by the flight crew of SW flight 2635 (LGA to MDW), I found my favorite seat and took it.

There I discovered that someone had worked the crossword puzzle and returned the magazine to the seat pocket. Poetic justice? I have done that many times.

Since I was in the A boarding group, the seats beside me stood empty. I quickly rummaged through them and discovered that they too had worked crossword puzzles. I also discovered a perplexing treasure. Someone had left a bag of peanuts behind.

In a totally infallible, absolutely scientifically accurate endeavor, I posted the question on Facebook:

Would you eat the peanuts in the sealed package some previous passenger left behind?

Thus far I have received 19 comments. They range widely and revealĀ  my friends’ creativity.

Seven friends provided a variation on yes. One said no. One said no for allergic reasons.

One wanted further information before committing:

Are they salted or honey roasted?

Context entered into a number of responses. Recognizing my travel habits, one friend wanted to know just where these peanuts had been found. Location may be everything:

On an airplane or on the subway?

Recalling the Donner Party, one friend pointed out that there would be circumstances in which eating the peanuts would make enormous sense:

Depending on the context. probably not. But if I were starving it would be better than gnawing on the arm of the person sitting next to me.

Another observed that there is a holiday of some sort coming up based on obtaining food products with an unverifiable chain of custody:

Yes, if they were sealed….in a couple of weeks, my daughter will bring home a bag of candy with very uncertain histories. As long as its wrapped, it seems safe.

Two friends waxed theological:

Wait – are these “Left Behind” peanuts? Have you considered what could happen if you eat them?

Left Behind? You mean after the rapture nuts?

There were moments of self-revelation. One friend suggested a use for the peanuts other than eating them or leaving them … and implied this may be the voice of experience speaking:

Honestly. I would probably put them in my bag and carry them around for a few days, then end up giving them to one of my sons to take on a field trip. (Not that that ever happened.)

Another friend confessed to being the one who abandons peanuts to the cruel chances of fate:

I’m the one who leaves them behind.

One friend did not know they gave out peanuts in airplanes any more … ah the joys of Southwest Airlines and one friend refused to answer, not out of concern for self-incrimination, but for my safety’s sake:

I could tell you, but then I’d have to … well, you know the drill!

Duly noted and appreciated.

What started as a lark proved to offer insights into both my friends and my friends knowledge of me. I will have to try this again with another question.

For the record, I did not eat the peanuts. And here is why: I am in a self-care mode and I did not want the calories. For 12 days, I have eaten in the range of 2,000 calories, walked at least 10,00 steps, and done a concentrated walk of 30 or more minutes – gotta love those laundry nights.

I hope the next person who discovers the peanuts has as much fun with her or his friends as I did.

See you along the Trail.

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