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McLean House

22 November 2021
Appomattox Court House, Virginia

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Pictures and words

I have decided to post a series that works through the alphabet with pictures. This could get interesting. I found a picture of a bee and determined that the title would be “B” is for bee. Pretty original, I know.

That led me to think – what if I did this for each letter of the alphabet. If I did, I would want to start at the beginning. I turned back to my pictures and found an “A.” I prepared to post the picture and then found myself thinking – how might this become more challenging – and more interesting.

For example – what if I chose all pictures from National Parks? Or Ghost Ranch? Or peacemaking events? Or family trips?

Now it occurs to me – what if I wrote a brief reflection? I had originally thought about identifying the place and date of the picture. But maybe I could write more.

Perhaps I should call it quits for the night before this gets too complicated.

See you along the Trail.

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