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A better answer

I think I have come up with a better answer.

The Shire on the Hudson was used for many years by interns serving the Presbyterian Church at the United Nations.

Neighbors apparently got used to this. They give very quizzical looks when they realize that I live there. And after a moment or two of thought, they usually come up with a profound observation along the lines of, “You aren’t an intern, are you?”

So far I have let people off the hook gently. I quote Nancy Reagan and then explain that I am not an intern and that we have reconfigured the ministry and its staffing pattern.

This happened again today and it makes me think that the time has come to make a change. After significantly less careful pondering that it deserves, I have come up with an alternative response.

“You aren’t an intern, are you?”

“Why yes. Yes I am. And think how old that must make you.”

I’ll let you know what happens if I try it.

See you along the Trail.

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