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In memory, E.L.W.

I remember courage.
I remember faith.
I remember wisdom.
I remember grace.

I remember sorrow.
I remember tears.
I remember grieving.
I remember fears.

I remember laughter.
I remember song.
I remember welcome.
I remember joy.

I remember hard work.
I remember toil.
I remember changes.
I remember pain.

I remember caring.
I remember hope.
I remember sharing.
I remember love.

I remember you, my friend.
Thank God,
I remember you.

22 July 2012
DL 1776

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A ride through friendship and the years via films

Films carry a great deal of my past with them or so it seems when I view them.

As I watch them again, I experience them anew, I see scenes that I have somehow managed to miss in the past. But I also find memories washing over me – memories of the time I first saw them – memories of how they spoke to my life at that moment – memories of where I was and what I was doing – memories of the people present when I saw them.

I have started watching every DVD I own – in no particular order, simply in the order they come off the stacks where I store them. I have done this before. This time I find them evoking memories in a powerful way.

The memories jumble, bumping into each other, pulling me through life and experiences in a random order – evoking the people who are and have been part of my viewing experiences through the years. Smiles and tears commingle in a fun ride.

Tonight –¬†Little Miss Sunshine – which features one of my favorite endings and calls to mind¬†some of my favorite movie-going companions.

See you along the Trail.

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Ghosts pass through this week – they probably do so every week – this week they seem more real.

April 4 – the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Thanks be to God for his life and witness and for all who follow in his footsteps.

April 6 – genocide commenced in Rwanda. Thanks be to God for all who seek to rebuild their lives and country.

The fires of memory burn.

Painful, wrenching though it be, I remember.

See you along the Trail.

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Chance meeting

In a place beyond remembering,
at a time now forgotten,
for a purpose that dances on recall’s fickle fringe
our lives met and briefly touched.

Talking, we sit upon the train,
lost memory perched between us.
Recognition briefly tingles,
but nothing more emerges and
I could not say
where or
when or
why or

Can you?

3 April 2012
7 Train from Grand Central to Times Square

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