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You ran, Irene, you ran

Irene's Arm13.1 miles.

My friend Irene Pak, and her friend Abby Mohaupt, ran 13.1 miles today.

They call it the Santa Cruz half-marathon.

I call it a long, fricking way.

Irene ran in memory of our mutual friend Cindy Bolbach. Then, child of grace, she made the offer to others to provide her names of loved ones and she would run in their memory as well. She placed their names, temporarily, on her arm.

AsĀ  she ran, Irene raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I contributed to the cause. It appears that you still can too.

Irene and AbbyI stand in amazement at this accomplishment – amazed not only by the feat of the feet, but by the beat of the hearts that gave of themselves in memory and in honor. I am grateful to Irene and Abby and all who give of themselves for others.

13.1 miles.

See you along the Trail.

Photos used by permission from Irene Pak.


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