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Reprieve for Abdul Awkal

From News Channel 5 in Cleveland:

By: Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Republican Gov. John Kasich on Tuesday issued a rare last-minute reprieve for a condemned killer, sparing Abdul Awkal for two weeks to allow a judge to hold a hearing on his mental competency.

Kasich ordered the delay to allow a Cuyahoga County judge to conduct a hearing on whether Awkal is too mentally ill to be put to death. Judge Stuart Friedman ruled Monday there was evidence to believe Awkal was not competent to be executed, but his ruling was not enough to stop the execution.

Kasich’s decision came shortly after the Ohio Supreme Court had refused to delay the execution to allow the hearing. Governors in Ohio have the ultimate say on executions.

I grieve for Latife Awkal and Mahmoud Abdul-Aziz of whose killings in 1992, Awkal was convicted. I grieve for all who mourn for them.

At the same time, I give thanks for Governor Kasich’s action. Executions are expressions of violence, revenge, and retribution. Executions cut off the possibility for repentance, rehabilitation, and restoration.

The execution of Abdul Awkal will not bring his estranged wife and brother-in-law back. The execution of any person diminishes us all. That is particularly the case when questions exist about person’s mental competence.

May God grant wisdom to the officials of the State of Ohio.

See you along the Trail.

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Urgent action needed: Ask Governor Kasich to issue reprieve

From Ohioans to Stop Executions

Ohio plans to execute Abdul Awkal on June 6 for the 1992 murders of his estranged wife and her brother in Cleveland. There is no reasonable doubt about that. The larger question is always about the death penalty itself. The specific question in this case focuses on the mental competency of Mr. Awkal.

Here are recent developments: Governor Kasich denied clemency to Mr. Awkal on May 30 without explanation.

The governor’s decision came after the Ohio Parole Board issued a split recommendation against clemency.

I join Ohioans to Stop Executions in calling concerned individuals to contact Governor Kasich’s office by phone at 614-466-3555 or by e-mail and urge him to issue a reprieve so courts can determine if Mr. Awkal is competent for execution. Attorneys for Mr. Awkal will present new evidence that Mr. Awkal is incompetent to be executed.

Learn more about the case.

I vote in Ohio – long story – but I do – and only in Ohio.

I have contacted Governor Kasich telling him that I do not want the State of Ohio to kill in my name!

See you along the Trail.

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