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Just when I gave away my last flea,
I see this:

photo (54)

If only I had waited.

See you along the Trail




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Timing 1.0

I’ve got to work on my timing.

While cruising through the basement after a successful hunting and gathering outing to the local grocery store, I discovered to my deep dismay that I had missed a huge apartment sale.

And only a few weeks ago, I failed to add to my ginormous flea collection when I missed a sale.

Of course buying a huge apartment would, in all likelihood, only result in my creation of a huge(er) than usual mess (mess inevitably expanding to fill the available space). That would not be good. And, should I think things through, remembering that would lead me to put down the huge apartment and walk away. But it would be nice to have the chance to ponder the possibility.

I need to increase my monitoring of the basement signs.

See you along the Trail.

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Rats! Missed it

And I was so in the market for some ginormous fleas. I will have to pay closer attention next year.

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