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Why I like New York 25: good people

The people. The good people. Of course no place is perfect. No group of people is perfect. Of course we meet good people everywhere. And anywhere. And any time. But I met one today and so I need to give a shout out.

I dropped off some dry cleaning at Riverside Cleaners. It was a bit complicated of an order involving some work for a tailor. Maybe I am getting too big for my britches.

In the process of explaining the situation, I put an envelope with some important papers down on the counter. Going in I made a mental note not to forget the envelope. Apparently my mind heard the mental not as saying, “Forget the envelope.” So I did.

As I entered a restaurant a few doors up the street, I felt someone tug on my arm. I turned around to find the manager from Riverside Cleaners with my envelope in her hand.

Imperfect we may be, but I gotta love New Yorkers.

Let me know if you need a recommendation for a dry cleaner.

See you along the Trail.

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