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Wheels down

The plane sits
on the tarmac
tethered to the ground
by air control.

The metal tube
surrounds us
as we sit
and wonder
and fume
and fuss
our privileged journey
for a moment.

In the cabin
the pilot awaits
the word that
will start us
on our way again.

6 June 2013

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Held at Midway

We neither
feel nor hear
the wind;
we remain
dry afar
from rain;
we safely
sit and wait
on board
as the storm
its fury
on New York
where journey
will end.

8 September 2012
Midway Gate B-3
Southwest 1945

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Air traffic hold

The door closes, the jet-way withdraws,
the plane backs away from
the gate.

Clearing the gate, the pilot turns
the plane; it enters
the runway.

Taxiing down the runway,
the plan pulls to one side
and waits

for the word to be given.

5 December 2011
DL 180

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